CoSTUME NATIONAL success is founded on a strong design and style identity, which has earned the recognition of the international press and top customers.

The “typical” client is modern, dynamic, often with a creative background, high-income and demanding, who looks for products that enhance his/her personality.




CoSTUME NATIONAL silhouette is body conscious, the predominant colours chosen by the designer go from black to grey with a continuous hint of bright shades. CoSTUME NATIONAL woman is confident with a strong personality, very dynamic and aware of the world that surrounds her.



The silhouette is sculpted, slender and sharp, strongly inspired by Rock’n’Roll legends. CoSTUME NATIONAL HOMME plays with black, grey and white in all their possible nuances and contrasts. Bright colours enrich the palette only according to the specific mood of each season. The CoSTUME NATIONAL man is modish, strong and with an attitude. He is confident about the present and has no regrets about the past.


SCENT represents a natural step to complete the CoSTUME NATIONAL world. Eleven structured and sensual fragrances, all unique and timeless creations with a refined and distinct character.

The perfumes reinterpret the noblest ingredients of perfumery – amber, rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, jasmine – to become the essence of CoSTUME NATIONAL man and woman.

The pure and sensual shapes of the bottles have been sculpted by Ennio Capasa himself.